What It Feels Like: Back to Normal

I’ve been trying to put into words what depression feels like. I’ve watched people on YouTube as they explain the emptiness, the lack of interest, the sadness. I didn’t get it. What does emptiness feel like? Continue reading


The Voldies: A Dark Quidditch Adventure

APRIL 27th 2008

Voldemort stands at the head of a large table. A group of Death Eaters sit around, sipping margaritas and cocktail martinis and eating shrimp cocktails. Bellatrix is sitting next to Voldemort, her legs crossed, twirling her hair with her finger, smiling adoringly up at Voldemort.

“Everyone.” Voldemort clears his throat. “Everyone, listen up, I have an important announcement. Pay attention or I’ll kill you all!” he screams. Bella giggles and everyone quiets down.
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I was watching this show a few weeks back, Mr. Robot. The protagonist, Elliot, was talking about his isolation, about feeling alone and how he couldn’t take it sometimes. I could relate to Elliot. He didn’t really relate to people, and so he avoided them like the plague, but still the loneliness he felt was overwhelming, and paralyzing. I feel that way sometimes. I want to be left alone, I rather not have people around, but I’m also overwhelmingly alone.

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“Faith without doubt is meaningless.”

*Not sure were I heard this one. I think on TV, or maybe a fortune cookie. Either way, I like what it has to say about blind faith, in anything.