Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Fool: Poem by Me

I am but the remnants of my mother’s hopes,
the dregs of unachieved goals and unfinished dreams.
Nothing more than a collection of phobias, and anxieties.

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I was watching this show a few weeks back, Mr. Robot. The protagonist, Elliot, was talking about his isolation, about feeling alone and how he couldn’t take it sometimes. I could relate to Elliot. He didn’t really relate to people, and so he avoided them like the plague, but still the loneliness he felt was overwhelming, and paralyzing. I feel that way sometimes. I want to be left alone, I rather not have people around, but I’m also overwhelmingly alone.

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“Faith without doubt is meaningless.”

*Not sure were I heard this one. I think on TV, or maybe a fortune cookie. Either way, I like what it has to say about blind faith, in anything.


As the title states, I have ADHD. Now, this is not a debate. I’m not here to ask your opinion on whether or not ADHD is real or not. In fact, I’ll share a little from an expert on the matter. I’ll quote Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, author of Delivered from Distraction, which I am currently reading; “ADD is not a religious principle; it is a medical diagnosis derived from such solid evidence as genetic studies, brain scans, and worldwide epidemiological surveys.”

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