POEM: BLIND by B.G. Potash

Too many days have been spent under the veil.
Today, I rose from my sleep and found myself blind to the world.
I stumbled, cried, and prayed for my eyesight back
I felt around but nothing could be found
Not a door, a window, or the smallest hope for light

My knees hit the stone as I fell to the floor.
And the pain that it brought, would never compare to the wars I’ve lost
To the blood spilled, and tears cried,
To the agonizing pain that was brought with each fight,
To every fist that hit the table, to every scream that reached the sky
And to never being able to overcome losing part of my heart.

A toast to the blind, may we never see again
May we react to every scent, to each noise, and texture
May we curse the world, and try to stop time
Pull in the universe at its seams every time we want
Laugh at the self-righteousness of those with so called eyesight
And at the ingenuity of those who think they see light.


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